Therapeutic Work

 Congratulations!  You are already on the path of enhancing your life to make more of what you hope it will be. It is normal to begin this process feeling a mix of fear, excitement, anxiety, sadness, anger, overwhelm, as well as other emotions. I offer support, skill-building, and the opportunity for exploration in order to help you succeed in your pursuit of personal and relational transformation.

    Areas of practice


Families dealing with divorce
·   couples considering divorce and separation
·   parents who experience continued conflict after divorce
·   families experiencing challenges with
 transitions between parents
· families concerned about alienation
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parents dating and considerations for their children

Infertility, grief, and loss
· losses due to miscarriage and infant loss
· exploration of family building options
· individual and couple’s counseling for stress and grief related to fertility challenges
· balancing infertility and medical treatment with engaging wholeheartedly in life

· anxiety, stress, worry, fears
· school challenges, bullying, peer difficulties, etc.
· negative self-talk, repeated relationship patterns
· single-event trauma (examples include: car accident, dog bite, witness to abuse, etc.)
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      In conjunction to my specialties, I work with many clients on a variety of clinical issues.  Assisting clients with a variety of concerns allows me to draw from strengths of many disciplines and allows for increased energy, experience, and motivation.  Therefore, I welcome clients facing the following types of concerns:
                               Abuse                                                            Life transitions
                               Adolescent issues                                        Loss of a child
                               Anxiety                                                         Marriage/relationship enhancement
                               Assertiveness/communication skills        Parenting struggles 
                               Codependency                                             Personal growth/problem solving 
                               Couples and relationship counseling       Postpartum depression
                               Decision-making                                          Pregnancy loss
                               Depression                                                    Pre-marital preparation
                               Divorce/separation                                      Religious/spiritual concerns 
                               Family issues                                                Self-esteem 
                               Grief and loss                                               Sexual assault/rape
nfertility                                                       Social skills 
                               Intergenerational family issues                 Step-family/blended family issues
     As an individual, couple and family therapist, I primarily conduct sessions with a strength-based and brief therapy model.  This means I will help you focus on reaching specific goals.  I utilize cognitive-behavioral and emotion-focused techniques, and incorporate spiritual components in treatment as is important for particular clients.  I am also an EMDR-trained practitioner.  I welcome collaboration and any questions you have throughout our sessions.  I encourage all clients to be active members in sessions—ask questions, tell me your experiences and how you view things; this is integral to building a positive therapist-client relationship.  In our sessions, I will facilitate self-discovery and collaborate with you to find solutions that will work for change.  As needed, I also offer information or alert clients to potential drawbacks involved in certain choices.  Ultimately, the success and length of treatment depend upon my efforts as the clinician and your efforts as a client.  In my experience, the most effective work involves clients who are willing and open toward making changes in their lives; research shows that a client’s own willingness and personal resources (strengths) are the primary indicator of a successful outcome in counseling.  Other factors important in successful counseling outcomes can be seen in the chart below:


Source: Lambert, M.J., & Barley, D.E. (2002). Research summary on the therapeutic relationship and psychotherapy outcome. In J. Norcross (Ed.) Psychotherapy relationships that work: Therapist contributions and responsiveness to patients. Oxford University Press. 

    Contact me to discuss additional questions and arrange a time for an initial appointment.  Appointments are available in a time-sensitive manner.  I commend you for having the courage to seek help in your growth process and I look forward to speaking with you.  If I am not a good fit for you at this time, I will be happy to provide other resources that can provide you with the specific kinds of support that you need.

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